Non Fault Accidents and Repairs


Don’t worry, accidents happen to thousands of motorists every day. It can be a diffulut and stressful time – especially if it wasn’t your fault. That’s why you need to call ESP Coachworks. With our comprehensive credit hire and repair service, we can drive your claims process forward so you’ll be back behind the wheel as soon as possible.

Our credit hire and repair management service includes:

  • Rapid recovery of your vehicle if it’s not roadworthy
  • A comparable replacement vehicle while yours is being repaired
  • Damage Assessment and authorisation to carry out repairs at one of our approved ESP Coachworks Garage
  • Payment of repair costs
  • Dealing with insurance companies and third parties
  • Managing claims for compensation


If the accident wasn’t your fault, your first thought will probably be to call your insurance company. But take a look at how we compare and you’ll see why it makes sense to use our credit hire and repair service.

If we manage your repairs, this is how we compare:

  ESP Coachworks   Your Insurance company 

Replacement Vehicle 

√ No excess to pay  X You may have to pay an excess 
√ Comparable vehicle  The car you are offered may not suit your needs 
√ We’ll deliver it when it’s convenient 

Your vehicle repairs 


√ You choose where it’s repaired (It’s your car and this is your right)  They prefer to decide where it’s repaired 
√ We get independent engineers to approve the repairs  The garage may not be approved by your vehicle manufacturer 

Legal Services 


√ We manage the administration for you  You may have to deal with third party for your losses 
√ We recover hire and repair costs from the third party  You are limited to your policy cover 
√ We recover all uninsured losses   
√ We recommend the best solicitor to represent you 

 For a credit hire and repair service that ticks all the right boxes, call us at the numbers given below.

Phone: 0208-658-8172
Mobile: 07831 138436